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F&B Magazine Awards

Shipping Information

Entry Fee


FBMA Consumer Packaged Goods Awards – $425 (Must enter to apply for other awards competitions)
Add-On Categories – $35 per 
Mini Muncher Awards – $99
Design Distinction – $199

Group entry fees pricing available for more than five products entered.

All product nutritional add-ons must be accompanied by certification letter.

All expiration dates must exceed September 30, 2020 on food products. All nutritional and certifications must be submitted to enter.

Shipping Information

Entries Mailing

Food and Beverage Magazine Awards Receiving Center
3825 S. Durango Drive
Dock No. 30
Las Vegas, Nev., 89147
c/o FBMA (888) 959-7260

FBMA – Consumer Packaged Goods (three) 3-products to enter
FBMA – Kitchen Essentials (one product) to enter
FBMA – Mini Muncher Awards (one product) to enter
FBMA – Design Distinction (one product) to enter

All food and essentials submissions must be received by 6 p.m. on Friday, August 14, 2020.

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