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Director of Competition
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Public Relations – media inquiries
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Food & Beverage Magazine Awards

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Kitchen Essentials
  • Mini Muncher Awards
  • Design Distinction

Awards Date is Moving to Spring 2021. Stay tuned for details.

Food & Beverage Magazine Awards, Design Distinction Awards & Mini Muncher Awards will be held concurrently.


Entry Fee

  • Main Category $425 (Must Enter to Apply for Other Competitions)
  • Add On Sub categories $35 each
  • Mini Muncher Awards – $99
  • Design Distinction $199

Entries Mailing
Food and Beverage Magazine Awards Receiving Center
3825 S. Durango Drive
Dock No. 30
Las Vegas, NV 89147
c/o FBMA (888) 959-7260

All nutritional and certifications must be submitted to enter.



CPG Awards, Kitchen Essentials, Mini Muncher Awards®, Design Distinctions

Food and Beverage Magazine Awards are moving to Spring 2021 with a private double-blind tasting event, creative design event and children’s tasting event.  There is no public access to our awards judging programs.


Any brand (domestic/international) that is widely considered a Shelf-Stable Consumer Packaged Good (consumers use up and replace frequently) that is comes in a box, bag, can, plastic or glass container, bottle or tub. This awards program is designed to highlight shelf-stable food goods. We do NOT accept perishable goods, meats, dairy or any refrigerated/freezer product.

Yes!  All of your CPG products can enter.  There is no limit. Our competition is “Brand against Itself” so each brand is rated by a judging group individually.  Brands are not compared to each other, but rated based upon our proprietary 100-point rating system. You must submit three (3) full-sized sample products with every entry.

We have made it simple. Enter your category, let’s say its called Linda’s Rice in the main Rice Category for the main category price of $425.  For all flavors you want to enter – such as Broccoli and Cheese, Chicken, Beef, Linda’s Spicy – each flavor can be entered in for $35 per flavor. We wanted to make entering an affordable experience, so that many of your flavors, or health-conscious nutritional elements can enter an have a chance at winning a Gold or Double Gold medal, receive national and international publicity with social media, and all that goes along with a competition sponsored by Food and Beverage Magazine and FB Podcasts Network

We know that nutritional health-conscious food elements are instrumental in the CPG platform – so we have added 17 sub-categories for you to enter to highlight the amazing nutritional platforms.

For instance, if you are Linda’s Organic Rice, Fat-Free and Kosher.  You can enter Rice ($425) + Organic $35, Fat-Free $35, and Kosher ($35).  You would in essence be entering four separate awards programs for value oriented add-on fees, with chance of winning four separate medals and accolades in four separate categories – and those ingredient-sensitive terms are what set your brand apart from your competitors will be highlighted for marketing and publicity purpose.

You must submit a digital copy of your formal certification of these terms with every add-on entry and there is a question on our registration form that allows you to upload your certification.

(a) Flavored – $35

(b) Organic – $35

(c) Kosher – $35

(d) Sugar Free – $35

(e) Gluten-Free – $35

(f) Cholesterol-Free – $35

(g) No Sugar Added  – $35

(h) Sodium-Free – $35

(i) Non-GMO – $35

(j) Reduced Fat – $35

(k) No-Fat – $35

(l) No- Nuts – $35

(m) Lactose Free – $35

(n) Vegan Friendly – $35

(o) Vegetarian – $35

(p) All-Natural – $35

(q) No Hormones – $35


We will be assembling a group of children ages 6 – 16 to taste and sample your food. Rather than the complex 100-point system, our children will rate by Yummy Thumbs Up.  A separate medal, logo/seal of approval for marketing purposes (no licensing fees-ever) social media graphics and more will be given to all brands that receive 4 thumbs up or higher.  We will also provide you with kid pictures holding your brand (all approved and photo release forms) – for marketing purposed.  Yep, tell the world that Kids Love You with a Food and Beverage Magazine Mini Muncher Award!

Again, Linda’s Organic Rice.  $425 (main entry fee).  Mini Muncher add-on $99. 

Please note, if your product contains any major allergens* please note in your entry notes and we will make tasting accommodations.

(Major allergens – Milk, Eggs. Fish, Crustacean shellfish, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soybeans)

This is our “other half” of our awards program – non-food related. All kitchen supplies, kitchen small appliances, pots, pans, flatware, apparel, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, restaurant supplies, etc.  We have more than 300 categories to enter.  A team of restaurant supply buyers, grocery store buyers and kitchen brokers will test your wares in a restaurant kitchen atmosphere to rate function, appeal and workability. 

There are no add-ons for this award, only a one-time fee of $425 per product.   Group products of five or more will receive a discount entry price.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB. All payments are made online via a credit card system. An ACH direct bank payment can also take place, please reach out to

Make sure you hit the payment button to receive a receipt. Next step is to make sure you send in your three (3) products for judging

We require three (3) products per main entry, and one (1) product per subcategory

Food and Beverage Magazine Awards Receiving Center
3825 S. Durango Drive
Dock No. 30
Las Vegas, NV 89147
c/o FBMA (888) 959-7260

Nope.  And we mean, NOPE. Your entry fee (main category, plus add-ons) provides you full entrance into the FBMAwards.

Your entry fee provides you with entrance into the competition; one Medal of Honor per entry product should you win; a photograph of your product with a medal for social posting; a press release template that you can customize and distribute to your database our outside media. In addition, there will be worldwide post publicity with our presenting partner Food & Beverage Magazine and the Food & Beverage Podcast Network. This all comes with the one-time entry fee. WE DON’T CHARGE LICENSING FEES FOR YOU TO USE OUR MEDALS, OUR LOGO OR BRAND TO PROMOTE THAT YOU ARE A WINNER! Post away!

Any chance we can get personalized retail with your logo and medal when we win?

Yes, we work directly with our partner printer that has our registered logo and we can custom create anything – from step-and-repeat banners to outdoor banners, to point-of-sale materials, etc. For more information:

Enter Here

We are not canceling. We are pleased to offer this dynamic award to the industry and look forward to want to putting a sticker on your packaging and a medal in your display case!


No. Because we are a “Brand Against Itself” platform, meaning brands are only judged by a 100-point system by itself, we could have multiple winners in each category. It is most likely that we will have multiple winners in each category.

96-99-Double Gold
100- The Perfect Score Century Award. 

Our judges will know the winners on the last day of the competition but we have asked the judges to not disclose the winners, verbal or social media until our program is complete. Our winners will be notified approximately two weeks after the competition via an email. Medals will be mailed out simultaneously when the Food and Beverage Magazine Special PR%F Awards edition is released.

We are thrilled when a new brand enters our FBMAwards and we announce the new entrant by creating a graphic with your product and letting the world know that you have entered the most sought-after food competition. Right away, the publicity engine revs and the recognition of your brand begins in the eye of the public. Our social media posting includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – on a variety of sites that includes Food and Beverage Magazine, now reaching 12 million viewers monthly. We are proud of all of our entrants and winners and promote all winners Bronze, Silver, Gold, Double Gold and Century Award!

Check out our sister company PR%F Awards – Spirits Competition to see the hoopla, publicity and PR programs we do for our entrants at

We require three (3) products per main entry, and one (1) product per subcategory.  All products must come in original, sealed packaging.

Food and Beverage Magazine Awards Receiving Center
3825 S. Durango Drive
Dock No. 30
Las Vegas, NV 89147
c/o FBMA (888) 959-7260


Competition Disclaimers

Food and Beverage Magazine has the right to refuse any entrant.

All product packaging that comes opened or damaged will be discarded.

All entrants that are entering nutritional add on competitions but do not submit formal documentation on those nutritional elements will be disqualified.

Who says the consumer doesn’t judge a book by its cover? Well, it’s our nature to be drawn to captivating boxes, logos, designs and marketing genius. So, here’s your chance to prove it.  Food and Beverage Magazine’s Design Distinction is a chance to do just that – recognize your creativity. Our judging panel is headed up by the World Renown Artist Michael Godard who leads a talented team to designers, creative directors and artists to rate based upon a 100-point system – the artwork, marketing, design, logo, and container of your food product.  You will receive a separate award, graphics, a press release and more when you take home a medal in Design Distinction. It’s time to reward your “creatives” with medals and accolades since they, well, drive the consumer to buy your brand!

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